Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ep. 49 Luciano Costa

Brazilian born, Luciano Costa is a man with a mission to bring people together. Noticing gay LA nightlife didn’t offer much beyond bars and booze, he organized the SoCal Social Club. What started as just a few friends and acquaintances is now a network of over 3,000 men and women who regularly meet-up and enjoy much of what Los Angeles has to offer.

But more than just a group of guys getting together to hit the town, SoCal Social Club strives to make a difference and give back to the community. Don’t miss this great conversation with Luciano. Who knows? Maybe he’ll inspire you to start your own local group!

Of course, Matt and Jim are at it again with Big Gay News, Grindr Guy of the Week and all the other segments and chat you’ve come to love. They also showcase 19-year old Adam Hantzis in this week’s Singers & Storytellers. If his incredible voice doesn’t get you, his good-looks sure will. Enjoy the show!

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