Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ep. 48 Darryl Stephens

Are gay men emotionally challenged? Do we purposely sabotage our relationships? Those are questions tackled by Darryl Stephens in his first full-length novel, Shortcomings. In it, he creates a cast of characters finding their way through the challenges of gay life - exploring sex, friendships, and some of our most private moments. Darryl joins the guys this week to talk more about the story - and even give a glimpse as to which character is based on him!

Speaking of gay guys with issues, Matt and Jim are at it again this week with all the regular features including, Big Gay News, and of course, Grindr Guy of the Week.

Rounding off an incredible episode is the talented and adorable “anti-folk” musician, Richard Cortez. He’s here this week with his breakout single, Craving Something Beautiful. If you don’t know him yet, you soon will. Enjoy the show!

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