Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ep. 114 Greg Louganis and the Boycott Debate

Anti-gay "propaganda" laws in Russia have inspired everything from government crackdowns on Pride parades to hateful and violent attacks on members of that country's LGBT population. The attacks, including rape, humiliation, and torture, have been documented in photographs and on video for the world to see.

In February, the world will also witness as countries gather in Sochi, Russia to compete in the XXII Winter Olympics. While most LGBT people in the United States and around the world have been horrified by President Putin's "propaganda" law, there has been considerable debate over the most appropriate response, particularly when it comes to the Olympic games.

Two fantastic guests join Jim and his GSB regulars, Jason and Chris, in this special edition of Gay Sunday Brunch. Olympic Gold Medalist and outspoken advocate for LGBT equality Greg Louganis comes to brunch to offer his perspective on Olympic boycotts, and Isaac Casados shares his thoughts and talks about his popular No Sochi Campaign.

It's a discussion you don't want to miss, and you'll hear it ONLY on Gay Sunday Brunch. While you're here, be sure to find out more about Greg's efforts with AthleteAlly and the great work they're doing.

Of course, since it's brunch and the boys haven't been together for a while, they will do a 2013 year-end roundup of the top LGBT news—and Jason and Chris share some big news of their own.

Did we mention Jim gets Greg Louganis to talk about Tom Daley and his boyfriend?

Enjoy the show!

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