Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ep. 5 Ben Harvey and Jonathan Higbee

Are you ready for a bender? Radio, television, and podcast personality Ben Harvey joins us to talk about his hit new show and why The Bender is such a departure from what he was doing before.
Listeners will remember Ben from The Six Pack radio show and podcast that he did for years with co-host Dave Rubin. Now the talented DJ and radio show host is striking out on his own—and having a real good time along the way. Don’t miss the fun and revealing interview with one of radio’s top rising stars.
Of course, we start the episode with a look at the headlines that are shaping our world and wagging our tongues. Jim talks this week with the web editor for Instinct Magazine Jonathan Higbee. Responsible for almost everything you see on their blog, Jonathan has news on everything from the Supreme Court to the dirty little scandal coming out of the Vatican. 
Enjoy the fun and fabulous show!

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