Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ep. 79 Danny Roberts

Admit it. We all had a huge crush on this week’s guest. His time on The Real World New Orleans (the first time around) inspired more young gay admirers than soccer shorts and dance music combined. But Danny Roberts was always more than a pretty face. Armed with a brain in his head and a passionate desire to do the right thing, he worked his way into our hearts and gave many of us our first glimpse of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Now more than ten years later, Danny is back in front of the cameras in a hot new show called DTLA. It’s not his first acting stint, but from what we’ve seen of a certain shower scene, it may be his best. Danny and Jim also talk about The Velvet Rage, a book both guys consider required reading for gay men. It’s bound to get people talking—and thinking.

Of course, the gang is also on hand to bring you Homo Headlines and everyone’s favorite, Grindr Guy of the Week. So sit back, enjoy the show and enjoy your very own Gay Sunday Brunch!

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