Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ep. 75 Davey Wavey and Hector

It’s always a blast when our good friend Davey Wavey stops by for brunch. This week he’s here to talk about his amazing new weight loss program. It focuses on knowing your body and understanding the messages its sending you.

Of course, Jim and Davey have their fun too. In fact, the cast makes it point to accuse Jim of shameless flirting. Don’t miss the conversation as it turns to Davey’s upcoming “daddy date” and one of the freakiest Grindr stories we’ve ever heard! Do you have one of your own? Be sure to email us and let us know!

As a special treat, the featured artist in our Singers and Storytellers segment is Swedish singing sensation, Hector. He’s out with a sexy new video and hit single. Be sure to catch it at the end of the show.

Thanks for coming to brunch! 

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