Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ep. 68 Davey Wavey and Sound of Tomorrow

The always fun, always adorable, Davey Wavey joins us this week to chat about a great new project he’s doing with YouTube. Of course we also chat about other things, including the Glee episode where Kurt and Blaine lose their virginities. Davey talks about how it happened with him, and it’s a springboard for everyone around the table to talk about their first time, so don’t miss it!

Speaking of everyone around the table, we’re joined this week by the fun folks from the Sound of Tomorrow, Heather, Ross and Mike. We’re glad they could take some time from the Spacebridge to join us!

You’ll also love our regular favorites like Grindr Guy of the Week and our Singers and Storytellers segment. This week Cortes Alexander joins us with his cover of Never My Love. We think you’ll love it.

So sit back, enjoy the show, and get ready for some fun!

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