Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ep. 67 Halloweenie

It’s a busy week for the boys at Gay Sunday Brunch! They first take a look at what’s making the news — everything from Chaz Bono to gay military members suing the government of DOMA, and Conan O’Brien saying he’ll officiate his longtime staffer’s gay wedding.

Of course, it’s the gay high holy day of Halloween, so the guys have a riot talking about costumes, parties and everything else that makes this one of the biggest holidays of the year. To go along with the Halloween theme, our buddy KooKoo Boy joins us with his fun hit, Vampire Girls.

You didn’t think we’d forget Grindr Guy of the Week, did you? This one's a real charmer — everything you’d expect from a headless torso.

Happy Halloween and enjoy the show!

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