Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ep. 61 Davey Wavey Uncut

It’s always fun when Internet darling Davey Wavey joins us on GSB. He joins us this week for a big announcement about his new project, "Davey Wavey Uncut." Fans will love the backstage look at the new project. Oh, and you’ll want to listen to the entire interview, because Davey shares his own Grindr story. Let’s see how many of us can relate to that one!

Of course, we’re also joined by the always hilarious and entertaining Kasha Davis. This week Kasha brings Mr. Davis to join our regular cast of characters and we talk about everything from former porn starts teaching elementary school to Chely Wright’s recent marriage.

Don’t worry. We didn’t forget everyone’s favorite: Grindr Guy of the Week. He’s a sailor looking for pirate - but that’s just the beginning of the story.

Finally, we close the country sounds of Karen and the Sorrows doing their cover of the Hank Williams song “Don’t Take Advice.” Find out more in Singers and Storytellers!

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