Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ep. 52 The Tables are Turned!

That’s right boys, girls and everyone in-between. The tables are turned this week as you, the listeners, get to ask the questions and do the interviewing.

Each week the GSB inbox receives questions from our audience. Of course, half of the questions we can’t read over the air, but here are the answers: boxer briefs and speedos, bigger than average, only if he’s really cute, and yes.

Be sure to check out the questions that could be answered on the show, and of course tune in for your regular installment of Big Gay News, and everyone’s favorite, Grindr Guy of the Week.

We think you will also like our Singers and Storytellers segment this week. We take a step away from the pop/rock/folk sound for a bit and offer classic vocalist, Waiton Farrel. Waiton performs Warm as the Autumn Light from the opera “The Ballad of Baby Doe” by Douglas Moore. The pianist on the track is Andrew Dunlop.
Enjoy the show!

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