Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ep. 47 Dr. Frank Spinelli

Dr. Frank Spinelli is by all accounts a very successful man. He practices medicine in New York City and is a leading authority on health issues facing gay men. Familiar to almost anyone who listens to him on Sirius XM radio’s ____ or reads him in popular publications like Instinct or The Advocate, Dr. Spinelli has been a high-profile medical contributor for years.

But like so many survivors and victims of sexual abuse, he kept a very a painful chapter of his childhood secret, that is, until he found out the former Boy Scout leader who molested him had not only adopted 15 other boys, but was even named Father of the Year. Dr. Spinelli is our guest this week and tells us everything from being a scared 11-year old, to working with the FBI.

Yes, it’s a heavy subject, but don’t worry. We still find time to bring you Grindr Guy of the Week and Tret Fure joins us this week in Singers and Storytellers. She’s an amazing artist and plays for us her song, Six Beers.
Enjoy the show!

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