Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ep. 45 Davey Wavey and Dianne Davidson

Sometimes when we do this podcast, we just have to take a moment and realize our cup really do runneth over. This week we are truly fortunate to have not only one of our favorite regular guests, the dean of love and peace himself, Davey Wavey - but also Dianne Davidson, one of our favorite indy recording artists of all time.

On the surface it would seem like we couldn’t have a more unlikely pairing. But between them they represent the amazing diversity within our community and the magic that happens when we each discover the power of our soul.

But if that’s all too much for you this Sunday brunch, you can sit back and listen to a hot guy talk about being naked and rock out to the sounds of a kick ass recording artist.
Happy spring, everyone. Enjoy!

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