Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ep. 34 Year-End Review 2010

What would a big gay podcast be without a closing number? It wouldn’t be our big, gay podcast, that’s for sure!

This week Jim joins ace reporter, Matt Molloy  to talk about the major LGBT headlines of 2010.

Jim and Matt share some laughs as Jim tries to not share his germs. That’s right, it appears our tireless host has caught a cold - a fact not lost on anyone listening.

Please, like a little cold would ever keep him from talking.

So join the guys as they chat from the hippest gay spot in Upstate New York and relive some of the memories from 2010!

And be sure to stay tuned to Gay Street Beat in 2011. We’ll have more fabulous guests, amazing chats with our regular contributors, and a whole lot of fun, news and features along the way.

Thanks for listening and Happy New Year!

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