Friday, October 1, 2010

Ep. 23 Dan Savage "It Gets Better"

It was a project inspired by just one young boy, Billy Lucas of Indiana. When Dan Savage and his husband, Terry Miller learned of his suicide after being bullied and labeled gay by his schoolmates, they knew they needed to do something. 

That’s how the “It Gets Better” project was born. Dan and Terry knew they needed to reach young people and let them know there was hope for their future, they just needed to stay alive to see it.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks there has been a rash of young gay men committing suicide after brutal acts of bullying, cyber-bullying and gay bashing. Along with Billy Lucas, Justin Aaberg of Minnesota, Asher Brown of Texas, Seth Walsh of California, and Tyler Clementi, an 18-year old Rutgers student all have taken their own lives after brutal incidents of anti-gay bullying.

These young people need our help. They need to know 
It Gets Better” and there are organizations like 
The Trevor Project and GLSEN out there to help them.

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